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Hi-Speed Tech!

Hi-speed Technical Ventures (HSTV) is a registered commercial Venture involved in the provision of highly skilled Technical Services in the area of Information Technology and other Application Software. The company with the capacity of highly skilled technical partners and service providers commenced operation in 2007. The Company presently has its corporate Headquarter at No1, New Jos Road, Kofar-Doka, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria!


Hi-Seed Tech.!

  • Objective of purposeful partnership
  • Honesty and sincerity of purpose
  • Quality Assurance
  • Accuracy and speedy completion of project and programmes
  • Track records of high skilled services
  • Availability of willing partners across the nation
  • Enabling business environment as pleaded by the government of the day
  • Possibility of Improved power supply and access to credit facilities in near future.  


The mission of Hi-Speed Technical Ventures (HSTV) is to facilitate the rapid transformation of our dear society and nation forwards responding to the current global trends of Information Technology necessary for sustainable growth and development. An effective, functional and purposeful company with the capacity of partnership and innovations to contribute towards the rapid industrial, social and economic development of the “New Nigeria” of our dream comes. 20 20 20.


A highly skilled, technically sound commercial ventures with the ability to compute with similar organisations across the globe. A corporate entity with clear and achievable aim and objectives of promoting and facilitating partnership with relevant institutions and agencies as well as other corporate ventures for self and national development.